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HIST 11 | HIST 16 |HIST 41 | HIST 73 – “Africans in America” to African Africans””[AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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WATCH: The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross (Episode 1) – The Black Atlantic (1500-1800) Minute 1-8 •Juan Garrido  & Esteban •Anthony Johnson (Antonio, A Negro) •Slaves in Virginia Minute 8-21 Slavery in the Americas Gates goes to Africa TO EXPLORE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SLAVE TRADE Africans in America: America’s Journey Through Slavery … Read More

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Africa [WOKE HOP]

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#WokeHop Respect fellas and sis #PanAfricanism #PanAfricanism Today A quick blog Salute to Ermias Asghedom netter known as Nipsey Hussle Wait for it…dopeness eith Africanized aspects in mind…not need to rush nada….bruh’s legacy lives. Respect to tbe family! Deepest condolences, Dr. Clayborne

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Du Bois vs. Washington (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

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Used for HIST 16 ~ Primary Source Essay assignment Dr. Clayborne Dr, DuBois meeting with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the 1st President of the Republic of Ghana and his wife. Dr. DuBois is buried in Accra, Ghana at the DuBois Centre in a mausoleum.

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SALUTE! ~ Black Panther’s director: ‘Brotha Kofi’ Ryan Coogler

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Kofi is Ryan Coogler’s Akan Day Name. Like mine is Kwame (Saturday born), Kofi indicates that he was born on a Friday in 1986 in his case. Each day carries a variety of attributable spiritual (thus behavioral) traits. He is symbolically my/our folks now, so he gets a nickname as a term of endearment. Asante … Read More

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Happy to say the interest is HIGH amongst my Santa Monica College and L.A. Southwest students in bringing this into FULL existence in 2018… stay connected, enjoy the Beta version and give feedback good folks

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Africa Fashion Guide – (Music Mix By Blackmale Beats) [STUMBLED UPONS]

Afrispora™ on 06/05/2016 0 Comments • Tags: #africa #fashion #ghana   Some of the stuff I like to call “Stumbled Upon” forms of artistic expression throughout the years has been STUPENDOUSLY ‘STUPID … here is another example… ENJOY P.S. I mean just last week it hit me that I NEED the instrumental version of A Tribe Called Quest’s 1st album which changed my life … Read More