LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ “The Dreamer” by Anderson .Paak

Mr. Anderson’s lyrics SAY so much!

Anderson .Paak

AP and FN World Tour

Appreciate the Arts and live the art of life as best you can, say I.
Wellness unto you and yours,

Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne


BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ “Sky High Bruin”- Mr. Jayden Hands

Future UCLA Bruin, Jaylen Hands ‘gots boosties’ as is called those with ‘hops’ (superior jumping ability) by those that have played basketball at a competitive level or with those that have ‘competed’.

My folks’ son can “Sky High”, but does he win the dunk contest of All-AMERICANS?
Whatever the outcome, happy he will be in Westwood retracing my hoop steps and scoring WAY MORE THAN I HAVE SCORED in the Wooden Center and even a game-winning three-pointer in Pauley Pavillion 🙂 yup!

Of course it was only an intramural level game-winner during my 30s. As I was out of shape from focusing on EARNING my doctorate in Urban Planning. Haha.

I thought of myself as an intramural ‘Boris Diaw’ :-/ Meaning way more game than I looked like I had, ijs, well at least in my mind.
But seriously, Jaylen has boosties!

Local area piece on Mr. Hands

Enjoy the footage


Appreciate you my brother!  Shit is knockin’ as always!  Ras G is “dat dude” that only keeps getting better with each solar return.  Want more check it

FYI: I had planned on blogging again about my brother as I had done since like 2007 on the first iteration of (2007-14)

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YUP! True! LOL

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YO THIS IS SUPER DOPE (forgive me I am late. My brother

…kinda been going through some thangs of late as I am sure you can understand, my bruddah 🙂


But I do remember this epicness, this that one of many that you put on repeat. Yes sir!

Hope you are now a fan of Ras G and go buy some joints for yourself and then some music too. Haha! – Dr. Clayborne

P.S. a lil mo for ya, long live African Space Program


BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ Stephon Marbury

You will ALWAYS be great to me for what you DID with the ‘Starbury’ brand.

SALUTE and respect!

In China, Stephon Marbury Finds His Kingdom

Stephon Marbury China - Beijing
Stephon Marbury China - champion

I plan on supporting Marbury’s brand Starbury full out moving forward.

Thanks BBB – Big Baller Brand in inspiring me and surely others in getting a FEW  pair of Starbury’s as I have wanted to consciouslconsciously and subconsciously for YEARS


LIFE ANTHEMS ~ “I Can” by Nas


Just tuning in to Afrispora TV  for ‘quality control’.

Nas has me up after mid-past 4am rapping along thinking of how my daughter will be hesring the song today and my more days as should I and many of you all and others perhaps.

Well, I know that the Jungle Bros., then De La Soul and deepened by ATCQ, I learned about World and  African history as I linked up with other ‘hip hop nerds’ (a term I have come to think of us as fitting) at UC San Diego, the University of Ghana (Legon).

I have noticed we are way more INTERCONNECTED than we think and can do as Tidal is doing, put simply making others lanes, opportunities and possibiliies.

This is #1 just off of ALL OF IT, He summed World and African history SOMETHING ‘NICE-LIKE’.

I must use this video in class as a presentation.

We will just work our why through the song.  An ‘aha’!

Just came to me that actually have  used this track to introduce a presentation I  gave at Santa Monica College in 2013 (pre-stroke) to the Black Collegians

where I an Adjunct Professor who has taught African, African-American, World, Western Civilization and U.S. histories.

SALUTE! ~ Yohance (Merc 80) of

Merc80 – The Jam – Episode 2 feat. Nola Darling

The Story Behind the Story Teller.

Source: The Jam – Episode 2 feat. Nola Darling –


Throwback heat

Continued success my folks,

Dr. Clayborne


Sisses y’all Got Flows…life happened 2014-now so I missed this one.  Nice vibes and FLOWS I hear you, wow. Love and respect ladies….even greater success!

YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ Oddisee – Our People Are Trapped In A System That Is Designed To Make Us Fail (247HH)

A great thinker who happens to be a great musical artist ( lyricist and producer)

I knew he has long been my favorite MC for years.
Rigtheous thoughts good sir, respect

Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne