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“Acknowledge Your Own History” ~ Jungle Brothers [AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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Since high school this has been my vibe and contributed mightily to may spiritual vibrations and thus intellectual focus and pursuits in formal education. Informally the entire Native Tongues crew impacted my development as a person since the themes and wisdom expressed in the communication form of Hip Hop culture. Sincit is true I like … Read More

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HIST 11 | HIST 16 |HIST 41 | HIST 73 – “Africans in America” to African Africans””[AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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WATCH: The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross (Episode 1) – The Black Atlantic (1500-1800) Minute 1-8 •Juan Garrido  & Esteban •Anthony Johnson (Antonio, A Negro) •Slaves in Virginia Minute 8-21 Slavery in the Americas Gates goes to Africa TO EXPLORE THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SLAVE TRADE Africans in America: America’s Journey Through Slavery … Read More

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Towards a better understanding of the origins of indigenous peopling of the Americas.[AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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Towards a better understanding of the origins of indigenous peopling of the Americas. Ancient DNA reveals complex migrations of the first Americans (National Geographic) by Michael Greshko Fate would have it that I am due to unforeseen circumstances teaching “History of the Americas” at L.A. Southwest College.  Fate since as a History professor of many subjects: … Read More