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BLACK STAR SPORTS: “In (Jaime) Jaquez, Jr. We Trust”‘s little sister, Gabriela Jaquez is joining UCLA’s squad with Niki Rice was just awarded co-MVP with its Jaquez of the MacDonald’s All-American High School Basketball game =Let’s go Lady Bruins!

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“In Jaquez We Trust”‘s little sister on the squad with co-MVP of the MacDonald’s All-American game SEE UCLA-bound Rice nets 17, East beats West in McDonald’s game CELEBRATORY NICKNAME for a favorite player Mr. Jacquez = “In Jacquez We Trust.” Salute to my Bruins and ethnic pride warrants much respect! BLACK STAR SPORTS: “In (Jaime) … Read More

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Viva Dirk! (2019 Update) [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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Salute to you Dirk! 1 MORE YEAR, NICE. From Detlef to Dirk to Dennis to ? –> 2019 Update to Doncic to Porzingis to? READ: http://www.nba.com/article/2018/07/23/report-dirk-nowitzki-expected-sign-contract-dallas-mavericks Loved Detlef unless he was playing the Lakers, of course Post-Tradeline Deadline + Pre-Allstar Update Doncic from the Euroleague to the Mavs is a ROY candidate …Porzingis liberated from … Read More

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Jaylen Hands is UCLA bound! [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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I am very excited that the child of an undergraduate friend in Jaylen Hands, son of Ronnie and Ashanti Hands  IS UCLA BOUND! Ashanti is a fellow UC San Diego Triton ! Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS and well done. Over the years I vaguely recall his birth from a distance and more recently had … Read More

Post-Stroke 3-22-14), SALUTE!

“Yeah Bruin!” – The Emergence of Norman Powell [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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I know, I know It’s only pre-season, D and that is real true but I don’t need much of a reason to ‘Talk Bruin’ Way to Hoop, Mr. Powell NoPo in action! on NBA.com! 2017 2016   Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne, Doctorate in Urban Planning (Class of 2012)   TIME FOR AN UPDATE!!! — THE OTHER … Read More