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Better Than This – Dego & Kaidi Tatham + Omar Lye Fook + 2000Black +++ [LIFE ANTHEMS]

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Picture of Dontraneil Clayborne at age 20 at the University of Ghana, Legon in 1993…pre-Internet 😒😆🤷‍♂️😜😜✌👌🤔❤ Me pe Ghana na Ghanafo…the UC San Diego alumnus in the Gap outfit and black suede Vans chukka boots, that mildewed in the humidity of Accra, Ghana..a lot of leg though ha. FOR ME THESE TRACKS ARE TRANCE-INDUCING…YOU LIKE? … Read More

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SO ON POINT! Trying to stumbled my way to Fulfilling a ‘Charge’ one of my academic~intellectual

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Dang, bruh! RIP Mac Miller (Updated + Fixed 8/7/19) [SALUTE!]

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Props since you popped on the tellie with my folks, Anderson .Paak…But when I heard/saw him flowing the “Hip 2 Da Game” track by Lord Finesse, I knew he was official hip hop with it. when I was in the DMV for graduate school at Howard University (M.A. in History, Africa focus) I felt fresher … Read More

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LIVE INSPIRED! ~ Blu Matic Beats

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IWOW what a find today…the joint “Ocean Breeze” even brought forth tears as I am dealing with some MAJOR life challenges that have me “off my square” as I have heard said but it was therapeutic to be thankful to be reflective and self-care via music as I have subconsciously and consciously been doing ALL … Read More

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Appreciate you my brother!  Shit is knockin’ as always!  Ras G is “dat dude” that only keeps getting better with each solar return.  Want more check it FYI: I had planned on blogging again about my brother as I had done since like 2007 on the first iteration of (2007-14) YUP! True! LOL YO … Read More

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SALUTE! ~ Oddisee -yep again

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I will be feeling and reposting dope materials and improving  My tags this Fall…. I just have a lot of content to connect to those connected … ‘mad’ professor-style Voila!  the dopeness that is Okayplayer — posted about the track and even made it DOWNLOADABLE – CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LINK — THANK ME IN THE CMMENTS … Read More

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FWD ~ Mndsgn

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I get a feeling this is the beginning of a new and bound-to-be long relationship musically. Instant fan…will have to check for more! Listen to Mndsgn – Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven) by Stones Throw Records #np on #SoundCloud