BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ Jaylen Hands is UCLA bound!

I am very excited that the child of an undergraduate friend in Jaylen Hands, son of Ronnie and Ashanti Hands  IS UCLA BOUND! Ashanti is a fellow UC San Diego Triton !

Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS and well done.

Over the years I vaguely recall his birth from a distance and more recently had heard about the prowess of Jaylen, the son of Ronnie, a former ball player that played pickup with my UCSD folks.

Dope video and continued success!

Go Bruins!!!
Dr. Clayborne, IF San Diego Class of 1995.


BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ Stephon Marbury

You will ALWAYS be great to me for what you DID with the ‘Starbury’ brand.

SALUTE and respect!

In China, Stephon Marbury Finds His Kingdom

Stephon Marbury China - Beijing
Stephon Marbury China - champion

I plan on supporting Marbury’s brand Starbury full out moving forward.

Thanks BBB – Big Baller Brand in inspiring me and surely others in getting a FEW  pair of Starbury’s as I have wanted to consciouslconsciously and subconsciously for YEARS



For whatever reason I was recollecting about being a Clippers fan to a limited degree since I lived for a brief period in El Cajon and then in military (Navy) housing in the Serra Mesa neighborhood of San Diego from about 1985-87 right when my favorite baseball player instantly became Tony Gwynn.  So much so that I patterned how I approached baseball after his style, ways and pointers given from time to time.

Well before his Hall of Fame MLB career, he was nice at hoops, yes basketball While at San Diego State University.

Peep the video. To top if off the San Diego Clippers drafted him.  Surely not the most temping lure away from his love and pursuit and attainment of greatest in baseball…Plus he was A NATURALLY-GIFTED BASEBALLER (NGB)…see Trout, Grif, Puckett, Yaz, Ichiro…I will stop but so many NGBs like Valenzuela haha.

Watch below



A fellow True Blue Dodger but also baseball fan giving respect to MY FAVORITE PLAYER!


Tony Gwynn - Padres

Tony Gwynn - SDSU Aztecs - baseball

Black Star Sports ~Fantasy Football news and notes

BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ A Rewarding Read To Start This Father’s Day Off!

Again! A Rewarding Read To Start This Father’s  (or is it?, Papi’s) Day Off!


Just quickly connecting a few nuggets and gems I come across of importance in an Afrispora way (Africa + Diaspora= Afrispora)

This excerpt is a quote from an interview of which does a range of thinga primarily related to how David Ortiz is a Father figure to Hanley Ramirez and other Dominician and Latin American players.

Boston at Kansas City
Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz before the start of play against the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. (John Sleezer/Kansas City Star/TNS via Getty Images)

Oh, you don’t wanna know. Hahaha. Ohhh, no. But what I’m saying is, it’s how we are. We want to make every one of us happy. We know what struggle means. We know how important it is to have your second family. When I see people struggle, it bothers me. I don’t care if you play for any other ball club. I remember, I saw this thing that Jackie Robinson said about how the importance of life is not what you do for yourself, it’s when you make a difference in somebody else’s life. That’s so true.”