Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (YE TUMI ACADEMY) ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BOOK I READ IN HIGH much so that I LONG considered 'Mersault' as a middle name for my son, if I ever had one...yeah that 'Deep' all are lucky to have it read to you yet I suggest that you read it yourselves...Enjoy however you choose to … Continue reading Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (YE TUMI ACADEMY)


Griot-Jester Lounge ~ 2018 Jesters(comedic entertainers) are the Griots of the present + Who knew? From Trevor to Seth to Steven to Jimmy +++ Well done fellas, keep it up We need you all and much much much more! Dr. Clayborne

SALUTE! ~ Black Panther’s director: ‘Brotha Kofi’ Ryan Coogler Kofi is Ryan Coogler's Akan Day Name. Like mine is Kwame (Saturday born), Kofi indicates that he was born on a Friday in 1986 in his case. Each day carries a variety of attributable spiritual (thus behavioral) traits. He is symbolically my/our folks now, so he gets a nickname as a term of endearment. … Continue reading SALUTE! ~ Black Panther’s director: ‘Brotha Kofi’ Ryan Coogler

LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ (How Could Anyone) Feel At Home Yeah Mike, appreciate you! Onward bredren...multiversal! #DrClayborneSayings #Afrispora # "...ain't never been to this planet." Yup off with you cretins, I knew what Michael meant but had to look up the spellings