Anti-Fealty: Best Be Paying Attention (YE TUMI ACADEMY) "... it's not just me...that is who we are...the FBI..." - Mr. Strzok The title says it straight out.  Link Up with good folks   On a constructive note: ...I see entrepreneurialism as Key (open doors/gives access to) from the micro level (micro-finance to susu, small ventures) to the macro level (collective property … Continue reading Anti-Fealty: Best Be Paying Attention (YE TUMI ACADEMY)


Higher!(WOW!) So COMPLETE a work of Art as Informative   JUST YESTERDAY I gave an 8 minute teaching demonstration that included my breakdown of the rise of Mass Culture as a key root of good and bad cultural developments in the 1920s Directly in reference to the inspiring lyrical content.  Bravo, more please!   Dr. … Continue reading Higher!(WOW!)

Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (YE TUMI ACADEMY) ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BOOK I READ IN HIGH much so that I LONG considered 'Mersault' as a middle name for my son, if I ever had one...yeah that 'Deep' all are lucky to have it read to you yet I suggest that you read it yourselves...Enjoy however you choose to … Continue reading Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

Griot-Jester Lounge ~ 2018 Jesters(comedic entertainers) are the Griots of the present + Who knew? From Trevor to Seth to Steven to Jimmy +++ Well done fellas, keep it up We need you all and much much much more! Dr. Clayborne

Em + The 5’9″ = WOKE DOPENESS / DOPE WOKENESS LINK UP (= Connect then Develop Ties in 'Informal and Formal ways') my folks After you get past what I think of but have never uttered "Assholisms" (which typically = over the top male bravado...I hope folks do not miss that this is a 'Song of Resistance' in way too many ways' to the … Continue reading Em + The 5’9″ = WOKE DOPENESS / DOPE WOKENESS

Towards ‘Tyrannical-totalitarianism’ Combining terms... to help pinpoint a description (which is fitting in this current domestic socio-political era) "The fasces was carried by the lictors, or attendants, and was characterized by an ax head projecting from a bundle of elm or birch rods about 5 feet (1.5 metres) long and tied together with a red strap; it … Continue reading Towards ‘Tyrannical-totalitarianism’