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“Black is key” [THEME TRACK]

Afrispora™ on 05/04/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #4hero #black #dego #key

Because ‘It’ just is! So adopted now for the 3rd time as the track that reps the vibrations at ‘work’ #Afrispora

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Afrispora™ on 07/10/2018 0 Comments

So COMPLETE a work of Art as Informative JUST YESTERDAY I gave an 8 minute teaching demonstration that included my breakdown of the rise of Mass Culture as a key root of good and bad cultural developments in the 1920s Directly in reference to the inspiring lyrical content.  Bravo, more please! Got some diggin’ to … Read More

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Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

Afrispora™ on 06/17/2018 0 Comments • Tags: #camus #existentialism #sartre #therebel #thestranger

ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BOOK I READ IN HIGH SCHOOL…so much so that I LONG considered ‘Mersault’ as a middle name for my son, if I ever had one…yeah that ‘Deep’ …you all are lucky to have it read to you yet I suggest that you read it yourselves…Enjoy however you choose to experience … Read More