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LOST KINGDOMS OF AFRICA with Dr. Casely-Hayford

Videos to be posted but in the mean time feel free to search out and watch these priceless documentaries yourself.

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MOVIESPORA ~ “Everyday Sunshine with Fishbone and Filmmakers, Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler

From my college days at UC San Diego… good times!

A blend of funk, ska, reggae, hip hop and more, Fishbone is dope

A good watch

:Preserving ‘Cultural capital’ of note in order to better inform myelf and others.” – Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

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Direct Involvement Movement ~ “The African Americans” as used in HIST 16 at Santa Monica College (Spring 2016)

” Hello all,

I am requiring you all to view these documentary episodes in order to help you retain the course information and I KNOW THIS MULTIFACETED APPROACH TO HISTORICAL ANALYSIS WORKS!

Documentary Preparation for the Mid-Term – Quiz on The African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross Part 1 and 2

pOSTSCRIPT (P.S.) This past Fall I considered setting up a quiz using this documentary series hosted by Dr. Henry Louis (Skip) Gates
Available on

– Netflix
The African Americans with Dr. Henry Louis Gates
– PBS –

– Youtube (Hyperlinks worked as of 4/3/16)

Episode 1 :

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

You will notice that a number of course key terms and the same important events are referenced.  


I will add some questions related to The African Americans in the Midterm and in a quiz after it I am thinking.

As you prep for the Midterm Examination on several chapters (just trust the process READ /WATCH DOCUMENTARY EPISODE THAT LINES UP WITH EACH CHAPTER / Study (But must read 1st!)

I have attached an analysis tool that I have created to assist students in arranging and retaining all of the the new information you are acquiring!  This tool can be used in all of your courses potentially!

Try to watch Sankofa (last week not being able to find it just shows that I must buy it again, of course I loaned it out to a friend and it was never returned 🙂 “