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WELL DONE BRUH: Pat Mahomes II = Pre-Super Bowl champion QB [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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UPDATE!!! – SUPER BOWL CHAMP ALREADY THOUGH = AMAZINGLY GREAT FROM THE START!!! All this Kaepernick wackness has caused my viewership and thus the analysis of the NFL to be off QUITE a bit.  The full proof is that I am just now blogging about Pat Mahomes being a Bruh! I remember hearing and seeing … Read More

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Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

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ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BOOK I READ IN HIGH SCHOOL…so much so that I LONG considered ‘Mersault’ as a middle name for my son, if I ever had one…yeah that ‘Deep’ …you all are lucky to have it read to you yet I suggest that you read it yourselves…Enjoy however you choose to experience … Read More

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LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ (How Could Anyone) Feel At Home

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Yeah Mike, appreciate you! Onward bredren…multiversal! #DrClayborneSayings #Afrispora # “…ain’t never been to this planet.” LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ (How Could Anyone) Feel At Home Yup off with you cretins, I knew what Michael meant but had to look up the spellings

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FWD ~ Nardwuar vs. Chance The Rapper

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If you are not up on Nardwuar,I will tell you laughs are in-store.  I want to know “Who the hell is Nardwuar? lol but yea?  There must be stuff on Youtube?I must lookit up. In the mean time, so ‘insight’ into ‘Chance The Rapper’ Check the catalog folks, I am only 7 or so in, … Read More