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Exactly! …Good riddens #45, Hope justice is carried out where needed…[Griot-Jester Lounge]

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…sensible commentary. I lean progressive pan-Human as my update to pan-Afrik/can Life Perspective. Agreed! Been blogging about the evolution of the important societal role of educators, ofcomedians and other artists in the production of sound art, acting and filming as in ancient times minus the technology. a picture is shown of 2-3 deep rows of … Read More

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From The New Negro Movement to ‘The New Negroes’ starring Open Mike Eagle & Baron Vaughn, simply brilliant! [ACADEMIC FREESTYLE]

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From The New Negro to The New Negroes ~ Alain Locke to MLK, Jr. to Michael Eagle + Baron Vaughn

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I did already and continue to rethink and add to what I have lEARNed…Knowledge is around, just make it so that the pursuit of ‘knowledge reigns supreme’ in your life. + …this formerly homeless bruh is Still spreading “The /three Es” in his particular way… Yes, misplaced love can get you!

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Public Enemy = “…Psychological Discomfort…” (Sistah Souljah) for the majority ethnic group in this united nation of nations [YE TUMI ACADEMY]

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