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Super Legal (Del the Funky Homosapien & Lady Mecca) – Trap Door / Cops and Robbers [FINDS WHILE DIGGIN]

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Yep Del like that no Doubt. I promise you FWDs be the most monumental of finds…oh so special to me and now some of you all.  You make any special finds lately, heck or long ago who mind hippin me too? #Afrispora #WokeHop #4RealHOPInstitute #DrDDClayborne

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LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ Games Begin

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I love my friends! One of my MOSST MEANINGFUL favorite Life Anthems. Since, BUT Only for, this Post-Stroke Rehab period, AFRISPORA has turned into only a blog/vlog. Appreciate my real world and online folks that have ‘Held Me Down’ as I probably me first heard Q-Tip say in a verse. It radiated a MEANING then … Read More