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“Black is key” [THEME TRACK]

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Because ‘It’ just is! So adopted now for the 3rd time as the track that reps the vibrations at ‘work’ #Afrispora

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Griot-Jester Lounge ~ 2018

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Jesters (comedic entertainers) are the Griots of the present + Who knew? From DaveTrevor to Seth to Steven to Jimmy +++ Well done fellas, keep it up We need you all and much much much more! Dr. Clayborne

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Cyberarchiving since 2005 via Afrispora

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Here is a TOO LONG A COMPILATION COMPILATION..of Inspirational stuff…Restaurant Chillouts, +park gatherings, bonfires, meetups at FREE musical events… Trying my best to have a calendar up by June, if possible sooner…in the meantime enjoy FIVE COMMON ARCHIVING MISTAKES

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and from jump. Hope all is well.  Sonic heat thus far 1 track in an blogging. Yup, returning to that mid-2000s get down.  Collectively humanity Makes Progress #DrClayborneSayings #Afrispora All the best, Dr. Clayborne P.S. not that I have to tell you all but will, enjoy the vibes and please spread yours back … Read More

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LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ (How Could Anyone) Feel At Home

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Yeah Mike, appreciate you! Onward bredren…multiversal! #DrClayborneSayings #Afrispora # “…ain’t never been to this planet.” LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ (How Could Anyone) Feel At Home Yup off with you cretins, I knew what Michael meant but had to look up the spellings

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Was Ever In A Band – INCOGNITO would be it!!! [IF I]

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How does a native of South-Central Los Angeles become an avid listener of music and knowledge in general from around the globe and locally. I was born in 1973 to a mother who was an habitual music listener, who herself was descended from a lineage of music connoisseurs.   My family relocated from Houston, TX … Read More

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YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ ‘What to the Slave Is 4th of July?’: James Earl Jones Reads Frederick Douglass’ Historic Speech | Alternet

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Some historic words of wisdom from a historic human