LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ “Check The Rhime” by A Tribe Called Quest

“…far from bully and I ain’t a punk…”  As Busy B would say “Word word”.


65BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ Adrian Peterson

​I KNOW myself along with many a ‘gamer’ will be using the New Orleans Saints to devastating effect this year and next since Adrian Peterson is joining the Saints.I mean with Brees along they are formidable in the pass game, now add AP and not to be forgotten, Ted Ginn Jr.  Yep, I think Brees will quickly figured how to get his offensive running and passing on all cylinders.
See what and Deadspin each have to say!

Enjoy the videos.

P.S. plus ‘Beast Mode’ is with his hometown Raiders, what what let’s go NFL season.


Porque no, un poco de T.G.

 (had to change videos, no need to say “Nigga” excessively, smh we get it my ninjas, smh damnalready, ha, dope footage but…)

more P.S…

So you know I had to simulate the fitting 1st  game of the season, while I did mind-numbing academic work in the form of inputting student assignment grades and designing quizzes and exams Canvas. 

 I am not complaining since Canvas will allow me to be a better educator.  Yet A LOT OF TEDIOUS data input is required to best use this educational tool which many institutions are requiring of college-level Faculty that teach hybrid courses.
Just happy to blog about SPORTS and video games as a real and destressor’ even thougthough I do not gaming very much do to life commitments’ I still enjoy good athletic fears both real and virtual.

Dr. Clayborne

Read the dope Bleacher Report story

Based on 1 simulation…. If Madden is half way right, WOWZERS!


LOST KINGDOMS OF AFRICA with Dr. Casely-Hayford

Videos to be posted but in the mean time feel free to search out and watch these priceless documentaries yourself.

MOVIESPORA ~ “Everyday Sunshine with Fishbone and Filmmakers, Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler

From my college days at UC San Diego… good times!

A blend of funk, ska, reggae, hip hop and more, Fishbone is dope

A good watch

:Preserving ‘Cultural capital’ of note in order to better inform myelf and others.” – Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

SALUTE! ~4hero – A Few Remixes

Their original work is my future music, period.

Since the mid-1990s, I have been a dedicated fan since ‘Creating Patterns’ dropped.

Although from South-Central L.A., my grandmother and mother thankfully passed on a love of good music and such, no matter the origin…they seemed to focus a lot of the feelings and vibes that their music gave them.

“Tell your mind to Let your ears ‘hear’ “.