TRIBUTE! ~ Omar Lye-Fook

Righteous tribute

CONFESSIONS OF A CURLY MIND – Episode_012: Omar by ConfessionsOfACurlyMind #np on #SoundCloud



Finally feeling vibey again after some life chaenges..why are folks ‘Extra’ when one has ‘life challenges’…

Acceptable yet often though not always unwarranted and typically unnecessary…

Such is life, give thanks for great like Sa-Ra to ‘revigorate’ my ‘cool’ …”…sticky situations..can I licky…Rosebuds”

Yup overdue on the ‘new’ … gradual getting some ESSENTIAL artistic vibes from 5-10 years ago

ENJOY…if you are late, cool you are welcome into a spaces where the vibrations your ears process informs your mind’s visions.

The 1 below!

Glad oh so glad to be ‘back’


SALUTE! ~ Norwood “Fish”

As posted on Facebook

“Still hyped off the Trulio Disgracias tribute show at Fais Do Do

It was Funked all the way Up!

Leading to a FWD (Finds While Diggin) and flashing me back to my college days.  Ilsened t Fishbone quite a bit at UC San Diego where my L.A. folks were extra popular

A favorite song yet this footage is special

P.S. I remember we were also waiting for Ras Kass to drop an album “like foreverrrrr” ha”

LIFE ANTHEMS ~ Universe + Black + Golden + Give = “Afrorithms”


Afrorithms” – Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne just came to knew ‘thoughts’ listening to yet again, 4hero … IJS —I have their vibrations via music ‘guiding’ me in my travels and grad-schooling until today.

Music Therapy is real!

#Afrispora #YeTumiAcademy  #DrClayborneSayings
You know: ‘Afrik/can’ + Algorithms(4hero) + ? = Afrorithms #DrClayborneSayings

“Africa Channel” presentation (2017)

4hero4Life ~ 4 Elements