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LOST KINGDOMS OF AFRICA with Dr. Casely-Hayford

Videos to be posted but in the mean time feel free to search out and watch these priceless documentaries yourself.

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SALUTE! ~4hero – A Few Remixes

Their original work is my future music, period.

Since the mid-1990s, I have been a dedicated fan since ‘Creating Patterns’ dropped.

Although from South-Central L.A., my grandmother and mother thankfully passed on a love of good music and such, no matter the origin…they seemed to focus a lot of the feelings and vibes that their music gave them.

“Tell your mind to Let your ears ‘hear’ “.

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SALUTE! ~ Dego mix on Gilles Peterson Worldwide

~Yes, I am a South-Central Los Angeles native that is a Anglophile musically at least….Thanks to my ear since a young person listening to the David Bowie my Mama was playing to watching the Eurythmics, Duran Duran, Boy George and such on MTV to chilling to Spandeau Ballet as my spun the record while we lived in military housing in the Serra Mesa neighborhood of San Diego circa1985.

Enjoy my sharing of the wonderful sounds provided by one half of one of my most favorite musical yroups, 4hero (Marc Mac and Dego)

Dego mix on Gilles Peterson Worldwide (GPWW950) by Gilles Peterson Worldwide #np on #SoundCloud

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IF I: Was In London ~ Omar Lye Fook (music performance)

Omar at The Jazz Cafe (02 Jul 16)
Sat, Jul 2, 2016
The Jazz Cafe, 5 Parkway, Camden, NW1 7PG, London, UK

Omar has been my favorite musical artist since my UC San Diegocolleague and  friend, Everett Williams [RIP Triton] introduced me to Omar (Lye Fook)back in 1993 or was it 1994?

Well, what I am clear about is that I was an instant fan.  Along with Incognito of the non-Hip Hop (although he has a track with ODP from way, which I own happily.

My point is that my favorite musical artist of the Soul musical genre can not be boxed in nor replicated I have long felt.

I hope he hits L.A. again soon and frequently.

In my view, it took WAY too long to get him here and not frequently.

At this station in life I would love to see an Omar show, I would even to twoshows in one weekend.

I have has my CDs and the great performance at Zanzibar (now Dakota Lounge I think).

to hear and vibe off the feeling.