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MY FOLKS = family + friends) + those that came to mind.  This of the site is getting an intentional reinvigoration of this ‘page of the state’ February 2, 2019 forward.  A partial aim is to ‘reconnect’ with the initial beloved iteration of Afrispora as a brand was born in 2005, Afrispora.com was published in 2007 and went silent in 2014, upon the near-death of the creator and founder of Afrispora.com, Dontraneil Clayborne and Don Dada by friends, now known as Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne (Ph.D. Urban Planning, UCLA 2012) our lovingly by a long-time friend as Dr. Dada

I am a #StrokeSurvivor + I have been told a dope person and “You are an artist just in a different way by accomplished musical artists that happen to be my friends from Jimetta Rose to Oxygen Eternal to… I appreciate you two among many good folks  🙂 #Endocarditis 

FAMILY + FRIENDS + Favorites (below)

In draft mode since 2017… “Sounds + Visuals”

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