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WELL DONE BRUH: Pat Mahomes II = Pre-Super Bowl champion QB [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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UPDATE!!! – SUPER BOWL CHAMP ALREADY THOUGH = AMAZINGLY GREAT FROM THE START!!! All this Kaepernick wackness has caused my viewership and thus the analysis of the NFL to be off QUITE a bit.  The full proof is that I am just now blogging about Pat Mahomes being a Bruh! I remember hearing and seeing … Read More

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Jaylen Hands is UCLA bound! [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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I am very excited that the child of an undergraduate friend in Jaylen Hands, son of Ronnie and Ashanti Hands  IS UCLA BOUND! Ashanti is a fellow UC San Diego Triton ! Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS and well done. Over the years I vaguely recall his birth from a distance and more recently had … Read More

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For whatever reason I was recollecting about being a Clippers fan to a limited degree since I lived for a brief period in El Cajon and then in military (Navy) housing in the Serra Mesa neighborhood of San Diego from about 1985-87 right when my favorite baseball player instantly became Tony Gwynn.  So much so that … Read More

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Ye Tumi Academy! ~ ‘Do we live in a multiverse?’ – It just makes good sense, ijs

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Multiverse (links to an The Economist article with a documentary film that is more than worth multi-clicking starting from this blog to view… ‘Multiverse’ theory suggested by microwave background (BBC article) Big Bang Discovery Opens Doors to the “Multiverse”(National Geographic article)