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Griot-Jester Lounge ~ 2018

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Jesters (comedic entertainers) are the Griots of the present + Who knew? http://www.thejesterlounge.com/About.html From DaveTrevor to Seth to Steven to Jimmy +++ Well done fellas, keep it up We need you all and much much much more! Dr. Clayborne

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Towards ‘Tyrannical-totalitarianism’ [YE TUMI ACADEMY]

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Combining terms… to help pinpoint a description (which is fitting in this current domestic socio-political era) “The fasces was carried by the lictors, or attendants, and was characterized by an ax head projecting from a bundle of elm or birch rods about 5 feet (1.5 metres) long and tied together with a red strap; it symbolized … Read More

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Du Bois vs. Washington (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

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Used for HIST 16 ~ Primary Source Essay assignment Dr. Clayborne Dr, DuBois meeting with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the 1st President of the Republic of Ghana and his wife. Dr. DuBois is buried in Accra, Ghana at the DuBois Centre in a mausoleum.