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Griot-Jester Lounge ~ 2018

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Jesters (comedic entertainers) are the Griots of the present + Who knew? http://www.thejesterlounge.com/About.html From DaveTrevor to Seth to Steven to Jimmy +++ Well done fellas, keep it up We need you all and much much much more! Dr. Clayborne

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Towards ‘Tyrannical-totalitarianism’ [YE TUMI ACADEMY]

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Combining terms… to help pinpoint a description (which is fitting in this current domestic socio-political era) “The fasces was carried by the lictors, or attendants, and was characterized by an ax head projecting from a bundle of elm or birch rods about 5 feet (1.5 metres) long and tied together with a red strap; it symbolized … Read More

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Del The Funky (eFunkee) Homosapien [SALUTE!]

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Who else is a Del, for that matter Hip hop Eliteness ~ Hieroglyphics and Souls of Mischief head? Some choice music here…. “Hip hop Eliteness” #DrClayborneSayings One of the best to have done it! “…the slaves that are our ancestors…”

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YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ “China – world power again”

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See something just came of falling asleep while listening to news including the disturbing occurrences…you then wake up to what looks to be a credible documentary and Chinese folks accurately stating how American approaches to empire are way different than those of the government in China. Dr. Clayborne “Spreading the Three Es: Enlightenment, Empowerment and … Read More