The Triple ‘A’ Approach™ = Arts + Academics + Athletics ☆







The Triple ‘A’ Approach

In my mind = WAY OF THE AKOBEN (Adinkra symbol = Asante warhorn)

…If you ever wondered where the concepts came together in my mind in y 1993, my junior year in college which I spent happily studying abroad in Accra, Ghana which I have luckily had the pleasure of living in three (3) times with Stay Over twice (2x) in the U.K. in the Hempstead neighborhood of London and Oxford.  Special travel times.

Afrik/ca + Diaspora = AFRISPORA

☆ Connecting Those Connected!™ via Afrispora since 2005.

A well-curated and informed APPROACH TO LIFE (MINDSTATE),  which can contribute to a ‘wonderful’life on one’s own terms!

“Each informs Each!” – Dr. Clayborne#DrClayborneSayings

PRODUCTS (On behalf of Afrispora Worldwide):

“Brief Overview of African History” – Slide presentation (2017)

“Entangled Identity: Blues, Jazz & Hip Hop” a  Presentation – Slides + audio-visuals (2013)

“The Triple ‘A’ Approach: A Guide To A Wonderful Life!” – A Presentation and beyond – Slide presentation + audio (2017)

Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne + + + +

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