Moonchild [WOW!]

Just popped on the scene it would seem. Yet surely not the case, I just had to take an involuntary hiatus from the Arts and Athletics as an active participant-observer due to an Endocartis-related Stroke that took me down for 2 1/2 harrowing days in my Leimert Park apartment from March 19-22, 2014.

Rich Medina (way overdue) [BETTER LATE THAN NEVER]

A SALUTE! blog is not enough to pay long overdue cyber-respect to Mr. Medina (that is not his stage name?). So this is a BLTN (BETTER LATE THAN NEVER) blog post.

Respect to you Mr. Medina as a dope artist and presenter of fresh art since ?, gotta look up his discography. seems loke since the late 90s…how have we been on the same thing for like two decades.  Feels like I first partied to some Rich Medina music while in graduate school at Howard.

Rich medina

Keng Zae’ (KZ) [FWD]

Finds While Diggin [FWD]

Peep this lyrical sista. I had heard of her not too long ago from a good friend and gotta say I am happy that I took the time to dig a bit on this artist..must say she has flows and dope vibes…will definitely stay tuned,


Linked in with South African hip hop networks via my friend to such as an OLD Afrispora ‘cultural ally’/supporter, Kool Out Lounge which has a dope blog on Keng Zae’. She got flows of her conscious!


Keng Zae (album breakdown)

PROFILE: Introducing LA’s Newest Rap Talent ‘Keng Zae’ [Kool Out Lounge/South Africa]



All this Kaepernick wackness has caused my viewership and thus analysis of the NFL to be off QUITE a bit. Full proof is that I am just now blogging about Pat Mahomes being a Bruh! I remember hearing and seeing his Pops name back the day as an avid gamer that has played largely sports games since when? 1985 in Serra Mesa (San Diego) when I played I believe the 1st version of ‘Hardball’ on a 7th-grade friend’s computer.

So yeah, first things first. A brother is breaking all these records, actually looks remotely like Kaepernick physically but is not a running quarterback, son of an MLB pitcher that caused the Chiefs to replace Alex Smith with this kid this season and we see what happened =